Managing explosives can be a daunting task, both from an administrative and regulatory perspective, but with Dickes & Wood Consulting it doesn’t have to be. We have decades of experience developing and maintaining explosives safety programs that meet all regulatory requirements set by federal, state, and municipal authorities. We can assist all levels of the explosives industry, from manufacturers, to distributors, to users.

Each explosives safety program that Dickes & Wood Consulting develops includes:

  • All operating procedures relevant to your explosives program;
  • Storage of Explosives;
  • Inventory Control;
  • Security;
  • Government Clearances;
  • Record Keeping;
  • Explosives Safety Training;
  • Shipping/Transport Procedures;
  • Emergency Procedures;
  • Waste Management;
  • Signage, Posting, and Labelling Requirements;
  • Procedures for Receiving Explosives, and;
  • Licenses and Permits