Radioactive Materials

Whether you are a new licensee or you have an existing license, you need a radiation compliance program (radiation protection program) designed for your particular application. Dickes & Wood Consulting, LLC has more than 35 years experience in the management of radioactive materials. We can use this knowledge and expertise to create a customized radiation compliance program to meet your regulatory obligations with the minimum burden on your business.

Each radiation compliance program that Dickes & Wood Consulting develops includes:

  • All Operating Procedures Relevant to Your Radiation Program;
  • ALARA Program;
  • Dosimetry and Personnel Monitoring;
  • Leak Testing;
  • Storage of Radioactive Materials;
  • Required Radiation Surveys;
  • Selection of Proper Radiation Detection Instruments;
  • Record Keeping Methods;
  • Radiation Safety Training;
  • Signage, Posting and Labeling Requirements;
  • Procedures for Receiving Radioactive Material;
  • Radioactive Material Inventory and Tracking;
  • Radioactive Material Security;
  • Shipping Procedures;
  • Emergency Procedures; and
  • Radioactive Waste Management