Raymond Dickes

Ray is a senior partner of Dickes & Wood Consulting, LLC. He has extensive and unique experience in corporate compliance. He has more than thirty years of oilfield experience and more than eighteen years of experience in safety and compliance for radioactive and explosives materials. Ray assists clients by:

  • Developing, implementing and improving effective compliance programs and risk-mitigation plans
  • Performing compliance audits for existing compliance programs and for planned acquisitions
  • Providing compliance training
    Before becoming a senior partner, Ray served as the Radioactive Materials and Explosives Safety and Compliance Officer for Schlumberger, the largest oilfield service company in the world. Ray directed and managed the compliance programs for these materials in all phases of the business cycle, from research and development, to manufacturing through operational use and obsolescence.

    In this job, he provided forecasts on developing regulations and was routinely entrusted with developing and implementing new Schlumberger programs to satisfy the evolving worldwide requirements following 9/11. Ray conducted complex internal investigations, managed government enforcement actions, and directed overall corporate compliance. He routinely served on industry committees and joint industry and government advisory panels.

    Before this, Ray was the explosives safety and compliance manager for Schlumberger‘s explosives research, testing and manufacturing facility, one of the largest shaped charge manufacturers in the world. He was also the manager of Schlumberger’s oilfield services on the North Slope of Alaska and a decorated Air Force Officer.

  • “Explosives Safety: Safety Strategies for Operating Electroexplosive Devices in a Radio-Frequency Environment”
  • “Improved Radio-Frequency Silence Guidelines for Wireline Perforating”