Dickes & Wood Consulting, LLC can assist you through the maze of the regulatory requirements governing radioactive materials, explosives, hazardous materials, and occupational safety. Finding your way through this complex and confusing regulatory landscape requires an extensive knowledge of the regulations, and equally important, a practical understanding of their application. Dickes & Wood Consulting, LLC has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help guide you through this by developing your compliance program, obtaining the necessary licenses and performing compliance audits.

Dickes & Wood Consulting, LLC will take the time to understand your business and work with you to customize a compliance program that fits your specific business needs. In today’s climate of increased regulation, it is paramount that companies utilizing radioactive, explosive, and hazardous materials have a compliance program that not only meets government requirements but also protects the health and safety of your workers and members of the public. This is the objective for each program that Dickes & Wood Consulting develops.

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